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Should you cover your air conditioner this winter?

Posted by Hannah Barney

Having the extreme temperatures that we often experiencesnow_flake_03 here in the Midwest, our customers are often wondering how to keep their furnaces and air conditioners running as long and as smoothly as possible. However, in the winter months do you need to worry about providing your air conditioner cover?

We have had customers ask if they should cover their units for the harsh winter months and we felt it was important enough to reach out to you all about it.

Q: “So should we give our air conditioner cover?”

Unfortunately there is no perfect answer to this question. What it really comes down to is individual preference and concern. But I will lay out some pros and cons for covering your air conditioner.

While it may appear that covering your air conditioner will keep it protected from the ice and snow of a Midwest winter, it can also create a warm and toasty winter home for little critters. These little critters, such as mice, have been known to make Swiss cheese out of the air conditioner wires. Because you have covered your unit, you have built a home away from the snow and ice for these little guys to nest in. Come the spring, you may find yourself shelling out some serious cash to repair your unit thanks to the litter rodents.

However, if you’re air conditioner is placed under a place that ice forms over the winter months, you may want to consider some sort of protection for your unit. Unfortunately, ice slides can cause serious damage to the tops of your unit.

So, while there are pros and cons to covering your unit, it really depends on where you live. Our recommendation though is to put a piece of plywood over top of your unit to keep it safe from falling ice, but not warm enough to house those little rodents.

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