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History of AC Timeline

Posted by Hannah Barney

Your quick look at the background of air conditioning!

The History of AC: Timeline

Learn all about the marvel of air conditioning – from it’s invention all the way to our AC future!

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The History of AC


William Carrier invents machine to blow hot air to control room temperature – “Apparatus for Treating Air”


The marvel of “manufacturer air” is introduced at the St. Louis World’s Fair


Stuart Cramer creates the term “air conditioning”


First home to be air conditioned


Air conditioning premieres to the public at the Rivoli Theatre


Home central air conditioning rises to a new high – over 1 million units sold


1 of 5 American homes now have air conditioning


Central air rises in popularity and window units become less popular


Energy efficiency of air conditioners becomes more important – rising standards for all AC units


87% of U.S. homes now have air conditioning


Projected to install 700 million air conditioners worldwide

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