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HOW TO Know when you're ready for a new furnace
Posted by Hannah Barney
Even if you’ve been in your home for years, it’s hard to know when a repair just isn’t going to cut it. How do you know when it's time for a new furnace?

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10 Things You Definitely Want To Check Before It Gets Cold
Posted by Hannah Barney
Taking just a little bit of time now will help save you from problems later on. These are the tasks that you will want to take care of before it gets cold.

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HOW TO Know When to Turn On the Furnace
Posted by Hannah Barney
You probably have memories of growing up and wishing that your parents would turn up the heat. Yet, now that you’re the one in control of the thermostat, maybe you’re not so sure. So, how do you know when to turn on the heat?

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4 Signs Your Furnace Is On Its Last Leg
Posted by Hannah Barney
Still trying to figure out if your furnace is worth saving with those constant repairs? Here are the signs that it's finally time for a replacement.

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Your 5 "Last Minute" Tips for Winter Preparation
Posted by Hannah Barney
You’re already spending so much money heating your home, you might as well make sure that heat stays inside to keep you warm! Save yourself some money this winter by giving your home some love with these last minute preparation tips.

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HOW TO Prevent Heating Fires in Your Home
Posted by Hannah Barney
Heating fires are one of the main causes of home fires – but they’re also something you can prevent for your household. Check out our 6 Step Checklist to help keep your family warm AND safe during the cold months!

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5 Things to Check BEFORE You Turn Your Furnace On
Posted by Hannah Barney
Since it’s not quite so cold you need it yet, you can prepare your unit to make sure it is ready for the cold months ahead! Make sure to check out these tips BEFORE you finally turn your furnace on.

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How Long Have You Had Your? (The Life of Appliances)
Posted by Hannah Barney
When is the last time you have stopped to think how long you have had each of your appliances? We have life estimates for your furnace, air conditioner and more.

power outage

How to Prepare for a Power Outage
Posted by Hannah Barney
Here are some tips on how to prepare your family for a power outage BEFORE it happens! Easy precautions that can save you headaches in an emergency situation.

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Home Heating Tips - Part 4
Posted by Hannah Barney
Within this post you will find our more tips on how to keep your home warm this winter! Check it out for ideas about saving money and staying warm.

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